5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Switch to a VoIP System Now

A reliable phone system with up-to-date features can be the change that helps your business flourish. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, systems allow you to make phone calls over your internet connection instead of standard analog phone lines. This service offers better functionality, lower costs, and other helpful business benefits.

How could your business profit from a VoIP system?

Cost Saving

Money can be a significant factor in considering a phone system. A VoIP system has a quick and easy install time with minimal maintenance, which can reduce the amount of downtime you experience. After all, time is money.

Phone calls on a VoIP system are also considerably less expensive than conventional phone systems. In most cases, your business’ phone bill could be cut by more than half when switching to a VoIP system.

VoIP systems utilize standard Ethernet network cables and secure managing software to make the installation process seamless. Making the change to a new phone system has never been easier, with fewer hardware parts, and no excessive amount of software or wires to install.

However, the installation may be very time consuming for office staff to implement properly. To reduce the amount of down time from the on premise or cloud-hosted system configuration, consider having VoIP service vendor install it for you.

With the cloud-hosted option, there is no downtime for patching or updates that could interrupt your business. The on-premise option may require updates, but a VoIP expert can manage these and minimize interruptions to your business.


VoIP systems are one of the most versatile types of phone systems around, especially when utilizing the Cloud-hosted option.

It also features phone integrated software programs. Email can be integrated to give you things like voicemail-to-email and virtual faxing. The Instant Messaging feature can keep your employees constantly connected.

It can even offer the ability to call from your smart phone, allowing it to operate as your office phone anytime or anywhere. This sort of freedom can help productivity and enable your business to continue to operate when away from the office.


Traditional phone systems require careful planning when it comes to expanding and adding lines, users, and phones since they are difficult and costly to modify. You must estimate how many phones and lines you will need in the future to budget and schedule downtime for the changes.

As your company grows, the VoIP phone system will grow with you. Whether you have 10 users or 200, VoIP systems can meet your needs.

Low Risk

Companies like Cisco and Mitel have been producing phone systems for years, continually working to upgrade and evolve VoIP systems with businesses in mind. The VoIP systems are developed by reputable and experienced companies creating reliable products.

Cisco and Mitel are some of the leaders in the phone system world and offer software features, significant potential savings, and reliable hardware.

Here at PCnet, we can help you decide which phone system will best meet your needs and improve your business.

Why wait?

Communication in the business world can be the difference between success and failure. VoIP is an affordable, flexible, and proves to be a beneficial communications tool to help your business grow.

PCnet can handle the configuration of the system (whether on-premise or cloud-hosted) and set up the phones in your office, alleviating the headache of dealing with downtime and installation on your own.

Call PCnet today to see for yourself how a Cisco or Mitel VoIP phone system can be a worthwhile endeavor for your company!