Employee Security Awareness Training

Believe it or not, your organization needs more than a team of network security experts to keep your business protected from cybercriminals. Ensuring that your employees are aware and actively safeguarding against security risks is just as important. An effective network security approach incorporates regular employee security training to ensure that your team stays alert to the latest security threats. After all, cybercriminals are continuously adapting to your defense strategies, so your team needs to continually adapt to those ever-changing tactics.

Not sure where to start with security awareness training? Here are some proven strategies that your organization can deploy right away.

Security Awareness Strategies

If you want to add employee awareness training to your comprehensive network defense platform, here are some key tactics that are proven to work.

Start Right Away

When a new employee joins your team, security awareness should be a fundamental component of training. In fact, security experts recommend getting employees prepared for cybersecurity threats from the moment they accept a job offer. Many managed IT service providers offer pre-made security awareness courses to make it simple to train both new and current employees without tying up your existing team. Vendors like PhishMe and KnowBe4 offer security awareness training programs to educate your entire organization efficiently and cost effectively.

Keep an Eye Out for Threats

Cybersecurity threats can change in a moments notice. That’s why it’s critical to stay ahead of the latest threats. However, this can quickly become a full-time job in itself. That’s why partnering with a team of experts can help keep you protected, so you don’t end up being blindsided by a threat you didn’t see coming. At the same time, we always recommend you perform your due diligence. If you or a member of your team discover an emerging threat, you can always ask your security partner what they’re doing to keep you protected.

Practice Your Policies

Targeted simulations can help test your team to uncover how effective your awareness training is. For example, simulated phishing attacks can check your team’s awareness by testing to see how many employees fall for it. If they fail the simulation, you can require that they take further training courses and increase their awareness. By simulating attacks, you can hone your team’s instincts, so they don’t end up falling victim to real threats.

Prioritize Passwords

Too many users are still using predictable, patterned passwords that are easily breached by cybercriminals. Require your team to use complex passwords comprised of varying letters, numbers, and symbols while also developing policies for them to regularly change their passwords.

The Top Security Threats

For small and medium-sized businesses, the most common security threats are phishing attacks and ransomware attacks. Here are some fundamental steps you can take to stay protected from both.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks can easily be averted by using a training tool like PhishMe or KnowBe4. Not only do these platforms offer training tools; they also perform simulated attacks to keep your team on their toes.

Ransomware Attacks

Staying protected against ransomware attacks is a little more complicated. A managed service provider (MSP) can help you deploy more complex security tactics like automated cloud backups to protect your business in the event of a ransomware attack.

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If you’re ready to take your business’s security platform up a notch, contact the team at PCNet, and we’ll work with you accomplish just that. With hands-on experience managing everything from cloud backup solutions to disaster recovery platforms, we’re here to help you discover how much more technology can do for you.

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