How to Tell When You Need a Network Upgrade

In today’s workplace, networks have become the backbone of business operations. If your network isn’t working, your team probably isn’t either. As a result, recognizing how your network is under-serving your team’s needs is critical if you want to use your network services to drive growth. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the fundamental indicators that your network is no longer working for you, but, in fact, working against you.

You’re Spending More Time Maintaining Than Improving

When your network is working for you, it should act as a catalyst for growth. If you’ve been investing capital and resources in merely maintaining your network instead of improving it, that’s a sign of a deeper problem. Usually, the problem is your network was built with yesterday’s challenges and threats in mind. With the right network solution, your team will have the tools to recognize inefficiencies and respond to them to increase efficiency. If, on the other hand, your team is forced to maintain basic network functionality without opportunities for network growth, it’s time to start considering a comprehensive network upgrade that’s built to respond to today’s challenges.

You No Longer Feel Secure

Today’s network landscape is vastly different than it was a decade ago. With emerging threats such as ransomware and spearphishing becoming increasingly prevalent, you need a robust security platform with the agility to respond to the latest threats. If your current network security strategies don’t have specific policies to respond to today’s threats, you aren’t ready for tomorrow. You need real-world solutions to real-world threats if you want to keep your network protected and your operations running smoothly.

Your Network Is Slowing Your Team

As your business operations continually evolve, so do your team’s workflows. With more network possibilities than ever before, your organization needs a network built around your unique workflows so you can stay ahead of the competition. In short, your team shouldn’t have to align their operations with your network; your network should work seamlessly alongside their daily tasks. Whether that looks like a cloud solution to access mission-critical data from anywhere, or a managed network service provider to allow your team to stay focused on growing your business, your network needs to be driving growth, not slowing you down.

You’ve Lost Control

If you don’t make a concerted effort to maintain control of your network platform, it can quickly take control of you. How is your network responding to the latest security threats? What strategies does your team have in place to respond to a disaster or network outage? What inefficiencies is your network addressing and how? If you don’t have concrete answers to these questions, that’s a fair indication you’re losing control of your network, and you may need to rethink your network strategies from the ground up.

Springfield IT Support and Network Consulting

At PCnet, we specialize in understanding your network operations from the inside out. Our overarching goal is to show you how a network upgrade is not a liability, but an opportunity for growth. Whether you’re considering network infrastructure improvements or a holistic network redesign, our team has the tools and expertise to align a network solution with your day-to-day operations.

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