The Importance of Network Security

Determining the strengths and weaknesses of your business’s network is the first crucial step in ascertaining what you need to maintain functionality, establish reliable backups, and increase security.

A large security threat is present in the existence of unknown devices attached to your network. Unknown devices might be as harmless as an employee’s iPad, but as dangerous as a skilled hacker. Your network’s security protects more than just your bandwidth.

Bandwidth itself is an important tool in any business or personal computer. Bandwidth represents the amount of data that can be transferred at one time from one point to another. A unit of measurement is called a bit, and many network or Internet plans place a monthly cap the level of consumable bandwidth. Bandwidth can be eaten by essentially any online activity at varying speeds. For instance, downloading a video will eat more bandwidth than running a Google search. When your bandwidth is exceeded, your network can slow to a crawl, and many Internet providers will be all too happy to charge you for the amount exceeded.

Even if you are very reasonable in your Internet usage, an unknown device also soaks in your bandwidth, which can slow down your network and cause a host of other problems.

Unsecure networks have more to lose than bandwidth. For instance, whenever you use your email account, your user name and password are cleared in the data transfer, which can then be grabbed by anyone coasting on your connection. If file-sharing has been enabled on your computer, a hacker can also pull information off your hard-drive. Not to mention, if someone coasting on your network’s Wi-Fi is using the Internet for illegal activities, those activities are traced to the network owner. Imagine receiving a ‘cease and desist’ notice, or a DMCA claiming you infringed the rights of a copyright holder by illegally downloading the latest episode of Game of Thrones. The activity traces to the network that hosted the activity. Ensuring the devices connected to your network are identified and authorized is a crucial component to network safety for these reasons and many others.

A Network Evaluation determines both the current status of the network while identifying any problem areas or potential future concerns. The evaluation is comprehensive and informative; what you do with the information is up to you.

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