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At PCnet, we have a soft heart for helping those in need. Since our company was founded in 1987, we have gotten heavily involved in the Springfield community. For years, we have supported several philanthropic causes throughout southwest Missouri. Our team currently works with a wide variety of nonprofit partners in order to help communities grow and expand.

In order to make a difference on such a large scale, we believe that it’s important that our partners have the tools they need to succeed. We’ll be able to support organizations with CRM systems, email marketing software, mobile fundraising platforms, and more. With PCnet supporting your mission, you’ll always have the resources that will help you stay ahead of the curve in order for you to make a more impactful difference.

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All-Inclusive Solutions At Affordable Prices

We understand the difficulty that comes with running a nonprofit operation. Our partners have a very tight budget for very few things. All spending is allocated for fundraising efforts and employee payoff, so it can be very difficult for nonprofits to afford certain forms of information technology. Nonprofit technology may not be cheap, but PCnet will work with you to help you avoid breaking the bank.

We believe in a philosophy of providing exceptional care at an affordable price. Instead of paying expensive retail costs on technology, we’ll work with you to get the tools that you need, at a price you can afford. We offer discounts to nonprofit partners and even deploy certain tools for free in exchange for marketing opportunities. At PCnet, we are dedicated to finding a solution that works well for less.

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Running a nonprofit organization is no easy task. Make the day-to-day responsibilities easier with the right technology.

Take Advantage Of Many Unique Service Offerings

For more than 30 years, PCnet has supported nonprofit groups with low setup costs, free equipment refreshes, and enterprise Exchange email access. Most recently, we have adopted a surplus of safe and efficient cloud-based solutions that integrate with existing infrastructures.

Non ProfitPhoto Take Advantage Of Many Unique Service Offerings

We offer technology consulting services to help organizations obtain long-term benefits with IT. We won’t just drop a bunch of technology on you that you don’t need. At PCnet, we’ll make a careful examination of your current infrastructure and discuss the details of your projects. From there, we’ll help you decide on a solution that makes the most sense for your nonprofit. Contact us to let us help you find what you need to be successful, and we’ll find a way to get you what you need most.

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At PCnet, we work around the clock to ensure that your company always has an edge over the competition. As a managed IT service with more than 30 years experience, you can trust us to put you in the best position to succeed.

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