Microsoft Teams – Messaging in the modern world

With the current issues of COVID19 in America, many companies have made the choice to work remotely. The issue of how to properly stay connected to your coworkers becomes readily apparent during this transition.

How can businesses expect their employees to properly stay in contact?

Microsoft Teams

Let’s look at the top 3 reasons your business should switch to Microsoft Teams!

Instant communication and collaboration

Teams, like many of its competitors, can help you communicate with your team instantaneously. What sets Microsoft Teams apart is its full-stack approach to allowing collaboration between employees. Teams not only lets you send messages to coworkers but full documents and pictures as well. You can send documents for coworkers to review, or spreadsheets for them to pour-over.

Automatic Cloud Backup

 Everything sent in Microsoft Teams is automatically backed up to OneDrive so you never have to worry about forgetting to save documents. When you send a spreadsheet or file over to a coworker to review, you can be sure that it can be recovered. They will be able to review it, edit it, and send it back quickly and efficiently using Microsoft Teams.

Video Calling

 Microsoft Teams allow organizations to keep connected like never before! While many applications allow you to video chat, Microsoft Teams helps you integrate Office 365 to communicate and collaborate better than any other alternative in the market. Imagine working from home with the little kids running in the background. Normally, this would kill the ability to show video, but with background blur in Microsoft Teams, you can hide all the chaos and just focus on business. Your coworkers will see just you, and you can all work together efficiently!

Get Microsoft Teams today 

Microsoft Teams is changing the way businesses work together. Regardless of where your coworkers may be located, you can work as though you are sitting next to each other. With Microsoft Teams, you have the ability to work remotely with the same peace of mind as working in the office.