Microsoft Teams: The Most Advanced Instant Messenger

Instant Messaging has been around for a very long time. Many of us of a certain age will remember coming home from school and logging into AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) to chat with our friends. IM has been an integral part of communication since the early days of the internet. While most programs today have some form of instant messaging, Microsoft really has taken the lead in user-friendliness with its Teams platform.

What is Microsoft Teams?

As we have covered before, Microsoft Teams is a multi-use program that can do a lot of different things. One of the things it does best is also one of the easiest to use – instant messaging. Teams has become a major part of many businesses, quickly replacing many old and obsolete messaging platforms.

Let’s take a look at why Microsoft is the best choice for your business!

  1. It allows you to connect instantly! As is probably obvious, IM allows people to instantaneously connect with coworkers no matter where they may be.
  2. It reduces email clutter! Why send more emails to your coworkers when you can simply ping them? No one likes receiving dozens of emails about the same topic. Chances are, you can handle the issue more quickly with Teams.
  3. Work from anywhere! With the onset of COVID19 in 2020, businesses realized that they had to learn to adapt to a more modern work mindset. Remote working suddenly became far more important and useful. Microsoft Teams allows you to work from anywhere and feel like you’re still in the office.
  4. Access previous messages. If you’re like me, you generally have several dozen tasks you’re working on at any given time. This can become quite frustrating to deal with if you can’t find the messages a coworker sent you about one of those tasks. With Teams, you can easily search every message you have received, and quickly pull the relevant information into your workflow.
  5. Build team morale. This one is a little less obvious to most, but the choice of instant messenger can affect the employees of a company. Having the ability to send GIFs or memes to one’s coworkers can make an employee much happier! It seems counterintuitive but giving more freedom to people will absolutely make them work harder and happier!

Try Teams Today

Microsoft Teams is a great platform, and it can dramatically improve your work environment. Teams is one of the most well-polished and best options available today for businesses looking for an instant messaging application. Try it today and see what Teams can do for you!