Sentinel One: Next-Gen AV for your Next-Gen Business Needs

What is next-gen antivirus? It sounds like some random made-up marketing term. While it is a marketing term, it is very accurate. Next-generation antiviruses have capabilities that current offerings in the market just can’t touch. They have the ability to do far more and to stop threats before they even occur. Let’s take a look at Sentinel One, one of the premier examples of the category.

What makes Sentinel One special? Why is it any better than current antivirus offerings? What makes it truly next generation? The answer to all three of these questions is the AI integration built into the antivirus software.

Let’s take a look at 3 reasons that AI in AV will protect you!

  1. Artificial Intelligence allows the program to find patterns before they become issues. Sentinel One will spot emerging threats faster than traditional offerings because it’s not playing catch up. It gets ahead of the problem and protects you from infection. It is smart enough to know when something is off, and kills it at the source.
  2. It’s smarter than any other antivirus. In the event of an infection, Sentinel One’s AI will be able to ‘think’ about why your system is running so poorly. It then isolates the problem and goes to work removing it. It’s intelligent threat analysis also stops the issue of false positives (whereby antivirus software kills legitimate programs). It can properly analyze your network and determine patterns to assist your business in keeping it safe.
  3. Sentinel One can be deployed to your whole network quickly. Their next generation suite is readily deployed and can start protecting you very quickly. The program can scale from small 5 person offices to very large enterprises (including many Fortune 500). It’s a highly agile program that can assist businesses of all sizes.

Stay protected with next-gen antivirus

Sentinel One, as well as other next-generation antivirus offerings, include Artificial Intelligence baked into the software. This allows it to be smarter, faster, and deploy quicker. Truly, the world of cybersecurity has changed with the advent of these types of programs!