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A cloud host is only possible when it has the support of an offsite data center

More Than Just A Datacenter

A cloud host is only possible when it has the support of an offsite data center. As part of our managed service programs, we present all cloud solutions with the security backed by the experts at PCnet. Our datacenter security service specializes in offsite backups, disaster recovery, and network redundancy. Since 1987, the security masterminds at PCnet have helped businesses keep their IT infrastructure afloat.

Over the years, our team has worked with the experts at this data facility to keep our partner’s business data out of harm’s reach. This state-of-the-art data center is secured in an enclosed location, so external dangers never have the chance of invading your network. If something happens to your onsite technology, the staff at PCnet will provide immediate action to ensure that your data is always safe. They are mission critical experts who are determined to keep all of your valuable information away from danger.

With PCnet as your IT partner, you’ll be able to take advantage of our comprehensive line of data center services including:

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The Facility

We insulate your data behind a 24-hour network of security guards, visual inspections, video monitoring, biometric, and multiple layers of key-card-accessed compartments. And of course, all of this is housed eight stories underground, putting 85 feet of solid limestone between your data and the nearest foreseeable destructive forces, whether natural or man-made.

Listed below are just a few of the impressive specs of our datacenter:


  • 85 feet underground
  • Air temperature stabilized at 64-68 degrees year round
  • Redundant cooling units and chilling system to ensure temperature and humidity


  • SOC II, Type II Certified
  • Private streets within the mine that blocks public access and viewing.
  • Underground location that prevents satellite imaging.
  • 24/7 above and below ground guard stations.
  • Multi-Tiered security including visual inspections, access control, video monitoring, mantrop and biometric scanning.


  • Each data center building protected by a FM-200 Fire Suppression System.
  • Common areas are protected by a double interlock zoned sprinkler system.
  • Air sampling systems within each data center building detect changes in air ionization.
  • Hot aisle/cold aisle containment keeps equipment cool and ensures operational efficiency.
  • All critical infrastructure to guarantee uptime are located underground.


  • Dual fed substation backed up by UPS, two (2) MW generators, and battery back-up.
  • Redundant critical infrastructure ensures continuous operations during natural or unnatural events.

The Strongest Defense Layer You'll Need.

When it comes to server colocation, there is no better data center facility than 85under.

Store Your Hardware In A Safe Environment

Colocation is a security tactic that protects all of your infrastructure, virtual data, bandwidth and data storage. A colocation space is more than just an ordinary storage locker. It’s the ultimate safe zone for the foundation of your organization – your data and information technology systems. When you work with PCnet, we’ll help you get the safe space you need to keep all of your valuable hardware away from internal and external dangers.

The 85under datacenter is the perfect place to house important gear including data and hardware systems.

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Reliable Colocation Hosting Services

The PCnet team makes a conscious effort at keeping all of your gear safe. Their security specialists will house your critical data information on a dedicated server within a secure environment. Additionally, all of your company’s hardware locked away, monitored, and environmentally controlled. With PCnet and working for you, you can expect only the best results, which include:

  • Stronger layers of protection
  • More bandwidth capacity
  • Ability to scale
  • Long-term affordability
  • More efficient technology
  • A more successful bottom-line
  • Peace of mind

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