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With the latest collaboration tools, VoIP empowers your team with a platform that prioritizes customer engagement.

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In today’s world, traditional landlines just don’t cut it anymore; that’s why more businesses are cutting cables and transitioning to internet-based telephone services. If your organization is looking for a way to streamline workflows, promote collaboration, and minimize expenses, deploying a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform from PCnet offers a straightforward way to accomplish all three of these goals simultaneously. Clear communication is critical to ensuring everyone on your team stays on the same page while finding new ways to engage your clients, and PCnet works with you to develop a high-speed communication platform built around your needs. Here’s what a VoIP solution looks like:

Seamless Integration

Because VoIP is hosted via the internet, your phone system meshes organically with other online services such as:

  • Video conferencing
  • Remote access
  • Faxing and scanning
  • Cloud applications
  • Business productivity platforms
  • Click-to-dial
  • Reporting tools
  • Call recording and sharing

When you partner with PCnet, we have hands-on experience integrating all of the mission-critical tools your business already uses to create one seamless Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform.


If yours is a growth-oriented business with ever-changing needs, a VoIP system from PCnet delivers the rapid scalability you need to adapt at a moment’s notice. Need to add more numbers? We can do so in less than a day for a minimal additional cost. At the same time, phone numbers are tied to users, not devices, so your team can take their numbers with them wherever they go.


If your team is always on the go, they need to be able to access your collaboration platform from anywhere at any time. A VoIP solution from PCnet doesn’t tie your team to specific devices, so they can make calls from anywhere with an internet connection, as if they were in the office.

Transform the way your organization communicates.

PCnet’s VoIP platforms tackle today’s challenges while preparing you with infrastructure for the future.

Finding the Right VoIP Solution

When you partner with PCnet for your VoIP needs, we draw on our industry partnerships to get you the best value. Working with providers such as Mitel and Cisco, we can deliver much more than crystal-clear call quality. You tell us what your communication goals are, and we leverage the market to turn your vision into a reality.

To accomplish this goal, our team takes the time to understand your team’s daily workflows and build a VoIP platform around those insights. At the same time, we excel in helping your organization maximize VoIP capabilities with training that ensures your team is ready to hit the ground running. Paired with ongoing support, PCnet is your one-stop shop for all of your VoIP needs.

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If you’re ready to explore how much value upgrading your phone systems can add to your team’s productivity, contact the VoIP experts at PCnet today. Whether you’re moving to a new building and want to take your current phone system with you, or you need a new VoIP platform built from the ground up, we’re here to deliver a solution that drives growth and prosperity.

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