The Benefits of Offsite Backups

If your organization is looking to maximize the capabilities of your backup systems and disaster preparedness, you should be using offsite backup capabilities on a regular basis. While storing backups at an offsite data center may seem overly redundant, you can never be too prepared, and cloud backups offer an additional layer of data protection. In this post, we’ll explore some of the many benefits offsite backups provide, so you can start integrating offsite strategies into your disaster recovery and backup plans.

Easy Automation

If your team currently uses physical onsite backups, they probably have to take time out of their day or week to manage them. With offsite backups to a data center, you can automate the process to occur as frequently as you want without having to worry about someone forgetting to do the job. These automated backups can also be scheduled to happen when the office is empty, so backups don’t hinder network performance.

Maximum Security

With onsite backups, there’s an increased risk that someone may steal or gain unauthorized access to your physical backup devices. Offsite backups, on the other hand, offer an additional layer of physical security by ensuring backup data is encrypted during transmission and storage. That way, cybercriminals are unable to target physical devices and your server environment.

Additional Protection from Disasters

Natural disasters, fires, and equipment failure can strike at any time. Offsite backups deliver protection from the disaster to which onsite backups are vulnerable. By storing backups on the cloud, your data stays protected no matter what happens to your physical infrastructure.

Rapidly Scalable

With an offsite backup solution, you can quickly scale your network resources up or down as your needs change without having to invest in additional infrastructure. Cloud backups make it easy to store as many versions of files and data as you want for redundant security and next-level defense against the latest threats like ransomware. At the same time, cloud storage allows you access to additional network resources in a matter of minutes for a cost-effective storage solution.

Improved Accessibility

When your network stops working, so does your team. With offsite data backups, your team will still be able to access mission-critical data as long as they have access to the internet. If your network won’t be up for another week, your team can work from home or via a temporary Wi-Fi hotspot while accessing the vital information they need to do their jobs. At the same time, file syncing occurs in real time, so you can be confident everyone in your organization has access to the latest versions of files and data.

Springfield’s Offsite Backup Service Experts

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of the additional protection an offsite backup solution can offer your business, contact the specialists at PCnet today. We’ll work with you to leverage our network of offsite backup service vendors to find you the best value in the industry while optimizing a backup solution for your team’s workflows and day-to-day operations.

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