The Importance of Regular Software Updates

We’ve all done it before: A notification pops up asking if you want to update your operating system or an application, and you hit “ignore” because you’re in the middle of something more important. However, instead of ignoring that notification, it’s worth taking note and addressing the update later on. In this post, we’ll clarify the importance of regular software updates as they relate to network security.

Software Vulnerabilities

Software developers don’t update programs for the sake of troubling you with popup notifications. As software vulnerabilities become known, developers continually update and patch programs to make them safer. If they didn’t, cybercriminals would exploit security loopholes in the software your team uses on a day-to-day basis.

In fact, the Equifax breach in 2017 that affected as many as 143 million Americans was found to be due employees ignoring software updates. Failing to update software regularly is inviting cybercriminals to exploit your network data.

Improved Application Performance

On top of patching security vulnerabilities, developers also pay attention to user-reported software usage, bugs, and runtime errors. They use this feedback to discover how people are using their applications, along with which features are useful and which aren’t. With these insights, developers use ongoing updates to streamline application performance while enhancing the most popular features and transitioning away from outdated tools. If you want to get the best user experience from your applications, you need to be continually installing software updates as they’re released.

Updates Made Easy

Many of today’s applications make it easy to install updates by allowing you to schedule them when it’s most convenient. If you don’t have time to install an update right now, chances are you can schedule it to take place during your lunch break or right after you leave the office for the day, so your device is ready to go the next morning.

Software Update Best Practices

If you want to make sure you’re getting the most from your software updates, follow these tips:

Prioritize Security Software

Above all else, you should always ensure your security software is up-to-date. Cybersecurity developers continuously release patches and updates in response to evolving network threats, so failing to install updates can leave your data vulnerable.

Turn on Auto Updates

If you don’t want to be bothered with update notifications, many software programs allow you to enable automatic updates, so they’re installed without disturbing you. Generally, you can schedule auto updates to take place at a set time, or they’ll automatically occur when your device isn’t being used.

Research Security Threats

If you want to be an informed user, taking a little time to research the latest security threats can help you ensure your software is keeping you protected. With some research, you’ll be able to read update notes and understand precisely how software updates are protecting your network devices.

Springfield IT Support

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