Microsoft Teams Security – 5 Reasons it’s More Secure

Microsoft Teams is now considered one of the best platforms for businesses to use for communication. What many may not realize is that Microsoft Teams is the number one secure communication platform.

Microsoft Teams is not only the governmental choice for secure communication, but many other sectors of business have realized its potential. Let’s take a look at five reasons why Teams should be your choice!

Reason 1: Microsoft Teams has over 90 regulatory bodies supporting it.

Everything from the Department of Defense in the United States to the Financial Supervisory Authority in Denmark has given Teams the seal of compliance. When you use Microsoft Teams, you can be certain you are in compliance with any number of federal or international laws.

Reason 2: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is easily deployed.

There are many articles on the use of multi-factor authentication in workplaces but many businesses haven’t made the switch. With Microsoft Teams, MFA is easy to implement. It will require users to provide additional forms of verification to prove their identity, thus preventing the account from attacks.

Reason 3: Endpoint Manager built in!

Having an endpoint manager built right in will allow your organization to manage devices and apps and to enforce access on any devices. The power will be in your hands!

Reason 4: Secure guest access!

You can control exactly what information guests outside of your organization can access. This will allow you to add guests without worry.

Reason 5: Encryption!

Teams encrypts all data in transit and at rest using the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP), one of the most secure methods of encryption. Your data from video, audio, files, chat, and desktop sharing are all secured end-to-end.

As you can clearly see, Microsoft Teams is a secure and powerful communication tool revolutionizing the world. As working from home becomes commonplace, many organizations now must look to tools like Teams to help them organize and collaborate. Never settle for an unsecured platform! Try Microsoft Teams today!